In Italy, in recent years, the topic of renewable energy has been a core issue.

Renewable energies are present in the Italian territory in different forms: solar panels for the production of hot water, photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity, thermal power plants operating with biomass and utilization of geothermal energy for domestic purposes.

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The vocational training system has complied with this development and now provides companies with qualified personnel who attended specialized training in the fields of plant engineering, electricity and construction. Retraining has been strengthened and courses in all areas are available.[pullquote align=”right”]In addition to meetings and visits, which take place in Vicenza, Verona and Venice, the study tour offers relaxing moments for exploring the beauty of the places.[/pullquote]

The program of the study visit is organized according to the needs of the participants (e.g. teachers, company tutors, entrepreneurs, vocational training centers managers) and is designed to give participants a 360-degree overview of the Italian situation.

The study visit can also be an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with the directors of training centers in Vicenza to start a transnational cooperation.

The topics covered during the study visit are:

    [list_item icon=”ok”]current situation of renewables in Italy[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]curriculum for renewables in initial vocational training[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]professional updating[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]theory and practice in training[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]training on health and safety in the workplace[/list_item]

    [list_item icon=”ok”]certification of competences[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]transversal competences in vocational training[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]new forms of interactive learning[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]needs of companies of the sector[/list_item]
    [list_item icon=”ok”]career guidance of schools and economic categories[/list_item]


The study tour includes visits to training centers, technical institutes, renewable energy installations and companies. Meetings with representatives of the social partners and local government policy makers complete the program.
Program of the study visit and duration can be adapted to different requirements (minimum 2 days).