Study visit in Vicenza

In the Veneto region, in the northeast of Italy, between Verona and Venice lies Vicenza, one of the strongest economies in Europe. Tourism, metal engineering…

Programs & Services

The program of the study visit is planned according to the requests of the partner. In the standard version, there are 2 or 3 different activities every day….


Vicenza is a small metropolis, has 113,000 inhabitants and is the main center of the province of the same name….

Early childhood education

The Italian childhood education is well known and appreciated all over the world…

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Vocational training

Vocational training in Italy is mainly integrated into the school education system. At the age of 14…

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Italy has a great tradition of hospitality, being among the first countries in the world as a tourist destination…

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Renewable energies

Renewable energies are present in the Italian territory in different forms: solar panels for the production of hot water, photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity…

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Demographic change

Italy is among the European countries where demographic change is a particularly serious problem…

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Youth policies

Youth unemployment, dropping out of school and university, uncertainty about personal and professional future…

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Local administration

Demographic change, digital era, aging population, life’s quality standard, immigration are challenges cities all over Europe …

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Every democratic society deals nowadays with the challenge of helping children and adults …

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Over 20 years experience in international mobility and study visits.

Study Visit

For companies, institutions, schools, NGOs.


A certificate of attendance to the Study Visit is provided to each participant.

Target groups

Teachers, psychologists, educators, tutors, school managers, trainers.

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