Our training courses and study visits can be attended as part of financed measures or as self-payers.

1.Erasmus+ Staff Mobility
Travel costs, accommodation, organization and special needs (up to 100% of the additional effort due to a disability) are subsidised through the Erasmus+ programme of the EU. Check if your organisation is already beneficiary of this fund. Otherwise, for this purpose, your organisation must submit an application to the responsible National Agency at the beginning of February.

2. Funded Measures – Other grants
Many institutions are nowadays offering different kinds of funding for further education of its citizens / users / customers. Check if your Chamber, Local Government, Ministry of Education, Bank, Non-Profit Foundation can support your training course.

Many European countries provide for tax deductions in case of further education. This is a common measure that can also be applied to our study visit. If you are a self-payer, check with your accountant in which terms it is possible in your home country.