Youth Policies

Youth policies in Italy: between no future and hope

Youth unemployment, dropping out of school and university, uncertainty about personal and professional future: today’s situation of young people in Italy is characterized by a general disorientation, worsened by the significant decrease in available financial resources due to the economic downturn.

Despite the not encouraging preconditions, there’s still hope for those who feel to be part of the so­called „lost“ generation. Best practices are implemented by schools, youth associations and institutions working with children and adolescents, as well as by private and social organizations.

There are a great number of activities targeted at young people that give concrete answers to the present situation, such as vocational guidance and multimedia; internationalization through exchange; sport as a mean for integration; experts advice for start­ups; after­school activities and remedial schools; spaces to practice and develop creativity; music festivals; social commitment in the neighborhood.

The program of the study visit is organized according to the needs of the participants (youth workers, teachers, trainers, decision­makers) and gives a comprehensive overview of the Italian situation. The study visit can also be an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with organizations to start a transnational cooperation.

The topics covered during the study visit are:

  • Italian education system: structure, rules, public funding
  • formal and non­formal education in Italy
  • municipal policies for children and young people[
  • NEET policies: Youth Guarantee
  • young people and the labour market
  • vocational guidance and school – local administration – social services
  • young people’s start­ups
  • social, educational and vocational integration of young migrants
  • initiatives against school and university dropping out
  • role of the Catholic Church in juvenile issues
  • youth and European citizenship
  • international youth exchanges, civil service, volunteering
  • musical and cultural activities
  • importance of sport among youth
  • youth and nature: outdoor education
  • bike tourism for “young adults”
  • job­shadowing in youth organizations.

The study tour includes visits to schools, public and private centres providing formal and non­formal education activities for young people. Meetings with policy makers, managers of public and private institutions and experts on youth affairs complete the program.
Program of the study visit and duration can be adapted to different requirements (minimum 2 days).

In addition to meetings and visits, which take place in Vicenza, Verona and Venice, the study tour offers relaxing moments for exploring the beauty of the places.