Local administration

Demographic change, digital era, aging population, life’s quality standard, immigration are challenges cities all over Europe are facing that need innovative solutions in every sector of the local administration.
Italian municipalities must provide new services, such as those related to the labor market, and manage activities ranging from infrastructure to ecology but, at the same time, are required to contain costs and reduce staff.
Reduction of bureaucracy; decentralized participation of the citizens; merger of companies providing municipal services; subsidiarity principle in social services; involvement of volunteers and seniors over 65 in education are some of the topics covered during the study visit.
The program of the study visit is organized according to the needs of the participants (employees and decision makers of local governments) and is designed to giveparticipants a 360­degree overview on the organization of an Italian municipality.

The topics covered during the study visit are:

  • Municipal, regional and state administrative tasks
  • social services in economic downturn
  • bureaucracy simplification
  • citizens participation
  • assignment of public contracts
  • local taxation policy
  • services for unemployed
  • urban planning
  • touristic and cultural promotion
  • anti­pollution measures
  • early childhood education
  • quality management
  • job­shadowing

During the stay will be organized visits to municipal facilities and will be presented best practices in the field of public services.
Meetings with councilors, town officials, public and private company managers and decision makers at regional level complete the program.
Program of the study visit and duration can be adapted to different requirements (minimum 2 days).



“Job­shadowing experience has deeply enriched me. The possibility of meeting colleagues from Italy and to really work with them is an experience that I will always remember.”
Susanne L. (Municipality of Bonn)

“I was very excited by openness and confidence, and by the excellent organization of both Eurocultura and the public utility. The opportunity of exchanging information with colleagues in other countries and to be completely open and equal with them has deeply affected me.”
Angelika B. (Municipality of Bonn)

“The 14­days­program, which included a language course, a visit to the local public utility and some tourism, made this experience exciting. The only thing I can do is to suggest everybody to try and look beyond his or her borders, no matter what age you are.”
Niklas R. (Municipality of Bonn)

“We visited some towns out of the classical tourist route, and this let us enjoy Italian beauties from another point of view. Thanks to our expert guides I learned a lot and of this I am very thankful.”
Peter M. (Municipality of Bonn)