Dear Alessandra, dear colleagues of Eurocultura!
We would like to thank you once again for the great, impressive week with the balanced, totally coherent programme!
It was all in all a beautiful experience and we immediately take everything into our heart!
Thank you for the friendly, caring welcome and the warmth and passion in accompanying a varied educational and cultural program!
We will gladly come back and promote Eurocultura.
We will let you know and will then come back to you for the traineeships or work placements.”

A. and S. (Robert-Wetzlar-Berufskolleg in Bonn, October 2018)

“I spent a well organized, very insightful (through the lectures, seminars and workshops) and beautiful week with you in Vicenza. Nothing was missing, except for a little better weather in the meantime… 🙂 But that’s really not in your hands! The cultural framework programme provided interesting insights into the Italian way of life as well as many interesting facts about the Veneto region. I’d like to come back when I get the chance!”
André Hoffmann (RvW-Berufskolleg Lüdinghausen, February 2018)


What was particularly good within the program?
The openness and kindliness of all people, both of Eurocultura and in the various educational institutions. The great opportunities for land and culture: many thanks!
How has the care and interpretation by Eurocultura been?
Would you recommend this training?
And finally please share your personal impressions.
Wonderful – a week full of different impressions that we enjoyed but did not have to organize by ourselves.
It has been taken care of everything.
Wonderful people full of self-confidence in themselves and their cause, and with the will to share this with us.
A society with a glance at the child.”

Petra (Kindervereinigung Leipzig)

“The week in Vicenza will remain in my memory. The organisation was perfect, the programme informative and interesting, the accommodation super. Since our group came from different federal states and different fields of work, the exchange of expertise was very substantial. I took many beautiful impressions home with me. A big thank you to everyone.”
Christiane Jourdan (Erzieherin Berlin, February 2018)


Amazing! An impressive week in beautiful Vicenza and in the culturally attractive surroundings, from which one draws a long time both professionally and privately!
The training course for early childhood education was very varied, informative and exciting, so that one gained many impressions and was able to exchange ideas with other interesting, likeable and open-minded people.
I would like to express my special thanks to the friendly, committed and competent team of Eurocultura, who accompanied us wonderfully this week and always amazed us with fantastic and unexpected surprises. Molto grazie dell’invito!”

Dominic Finis (RvW-Berufskolleg Lüdinghausen, February 2018)