Health and elderly care

Nursing and geriatric care in Italy

The population is getting older (2035: almost 30% of population is over 65 years old); the cost (reduction of government contributions) and reforms in health care and assistance to the elderly are at the centre of public debate in Italy.

Fusion of regional health organizations, reorganization of hospitals and decen-tralization through group practices of general practitioners and specialists, strengthening of senior citizens’ homes, development of dementia care, staff training for home care and more prevention are, since many years, some of the concrete measures in Italy and in Veneto.

The objective of the study visit is to know better the current situation of health care and assistance to the elderly in Italy. Good practice examples also show how high quality of realisation is possible despite cost pressure.

The study visit is directed to employees, teachers, management staff and decision makers in subject of sanitary assistance and geriatric care. The program offers also the opportunity to create contacts for future collabora-tions.
The study visit can be done with particular attention to health care or assistance to the elderly and provides, among other things, the following topics:

• Organization and tasks of the health service
• Treatment of age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s
• prevention of drug addiction
• Cooperation between state, region, community and private organizations
• Funding for the elderly care
• Billing procedures by state health insurance
• Professional training and university studies for the elderly and nursing staff
• Voluntary work in hospitals and old people’s homes
• Self-help groups

During the study visit, public and private hospitals, health facilities, homes for the elderly, social centres and independent initiatives are visited. Seminars with experts and discussions with public, non-profit and private sec-tor leaders, as well as with decision-makers complete the program. On re-quest, it is possible to provide a job shadowing experience in a structure.

Depending on the request, it is possible to organize from 2 to 5 days pro-grams.