Vocational training system

Vocational training in Italy is mainly integrated into the school education system.
At the age of 14, young people can choose to continue their studies in a regional vocational training center or in a state technical institute.
Attend a vocational training center leads to the attainment of a professional qualification, while the five-year educational program leads to the award of a high school degree that gives access to the university.
The entrance into the labor market is through the apprenticeship, which can be started from 16 years of age, once completed the compulsory school attendance.
Apprenticeship provides theoretical and practical training, the latter given in the company. From 18 years of age, a young person can be hired with a work contract that does not include compulsory training.

The program of the study visit is organized according to the needs of the participants (e.g. teachers, company tutors, entrepreneurs, vocational training centers managers) and is designed to give participants a 360-degree overview of the Italian situation. The study visit can also be an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with the directors of training centers in Vicenza to start a transnational cooperation.

The topics covered during the study visit are:

  • structure of the initial vocational training system
  • training needs of specific economic and productive sectors
  • curricular contents and methods
  • innovation in training from the perspective of the European labor market
  • involvement of the social partners in the implementation of training
  • vocational guidance for students and parents
  • continuing education for qualified personnel
  • retraining for unemployed
  • quality management in transnational mobility activities

The study tour includes visits to training centers, technical institutes and companies. Meetings with representatives of the social partners and local government policy makers complete the program.
Program of the study visit and duration can be adapted to different requirements (minimum 2 days).



Mr. Márk Becskei, Manager of North-Hungarian Wood Industry Cluster (ÉMAFA), Innovation and Technology Nonprofit Ltd.:

“The study tour was really useful for me. The most important element was the gained knowledge about professional innovations of wood and furniture industry, the up-to-date design trends and the information about the Italian VET system. Besides these the built cooperation, the cluster view and the human relations were very important experiences. I would like to thank the possibility of participation for the colleagues of Heves County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Eurocultura. I will forward all experiences for every members of the ÉMAFA Cluster.
The different type of professional programs (company visits, school visits, fair visit, etc.) enlarged my knowledge in a huge scale, formed my opinion. Besides this the common working hours with the other participants are also useful to build professional and human relations.”
Wood Industry, October 2015

Mr. Antal Borkó, carpenter VET teacher, Bornemissza Gergely Vocational School:
“I can use the experiences of this study tour in my every-day work to teach the carpenter generation of the future. Not only the professional programs were useful but we can know each other with the participants under travel and free-time activities. We could talk about problems and successes, can exchange professional experiences. We never can spend many time with the colleagues on similar profession if we did not have the possibility to participate on this travel. …
To summarize my experiences I can tell that this was a very useful and interesting study tour. … I would like to thank the organization of programme and the professional coordination for Eurocultura and HKIK.”
Wood Industry, October 2015

Ms. Anikó Petró, VET professional, COOP Lőrinci (retailer shop chain):
“The most relevant part of the programme for me was the visit of Lega Coop, and the lecture and consultation about cooperation and training in retailer industry, because I am a colleague of a Hungarian COOP supermarket. We can visit a whole supermarket and gain experience about the Italian point of view: They turn special attention to the own branded products. Those are always in front of the eyes of the customer, and they highlight the premium quality products. …
It was unbelievable experience. Many thanks for Eurocultura because of making this possible.”
Retail and commerce, April 2013

In addition to meetings and visits, which take place in Vicenza, Verona and Venice, the study tour offers relaxing moments for exploring the beauty of the places.